The Crash
9:42 A.M. May 22, 2004

The Scene

So it's my wedding day, and I'm chillin' in the hotel. SheKorn has taken off in my truck for the hairdresser. (Now I know a bunch of you who've been persuaded to be female are going to chime in with, "You mean our truck." No way! I put lots of blood, sweat, and yes tears into that truck. It's my truck, although SheKorn has free license to use it. :) )

Anyway, I'm chilling out in the hotel, expecting to look like this later in the day...

And my radio comes to life, and it's SheKorn. "You're going to be sooo upset with me." "Why?" I reply...

The Crash

Now I know for many car guys, wrecking the truck is grounds for divorce. But I'm not like that, in the least! I wanted to know the important things, such as if she was OK and if she had hit anyone else. A truck I can fix (just like a pin!), but a person I can't.

The good news was that all that really happened was that she mowed down a small forest...

The grill guard, radiator, tie rods, hood (*duh*), quarter panel, left rim & wheel, and a bunch of other miscellaneous parts are all being replaced. The truck took all of the damage; SheKorn walked away from the accident with just a bruise on her arm!

And yes, I married her anyway. :)

The HoneyMoon

All wasn't lost for the honeymoon, though. My groomsmen (hi Wolffy!) came through in a big way and secured some rented wheels for the trip. (Thanks so much guys!!)

3500 miles and 1200 pictures later, we're back! The truck is still in the shop being fixed, but hey, it's a truck.

But we can't leave you without a few honeymoon pictures, so if you're still reading at this point, here you go!

Korn Vs. Ben Franklin

Quincy Market (Boston)

Old Ironsides

One Grumpy Old Man, SheKorn, and Old Ironsides

Thank you PA....

Taking shelter from choppy seas while whale watching

At least the shades made it through the accident!

Bottom of Mt. Cadillac

Canadian shippers, gotta love 'em!

Niagara Falls

No, that's not a miniscule thought bubble. It's a balloon.

Canadian side of Niagra, from the hotel

After I re-teach SheKorn how to drive, I'm going
to teach her how to use the camera properly at night. :)

American Niagara, at night

Canadian Niagara, at night

Canadian Niagara, at night from hotel

That's all folks! (...for now. :) )