Moving day for Wolffy

August 22, 2004

So when Wolffy announced that he was going to be moving out of his mom's basement (.....finally), everyone thought it was a great idea. Wolffy would have his own place for his games, he could listen to his own music, and might be able to score a little action on the side.

But like the dumbasses that we are, as a collective group we immediately decided that while having hired monkeys would be fine for all of Wolffy's regular crap, that it simply wouldn't do for his pinball machines. Those would have to be treated in a much different manner. A manner worthy of photography!

I don't know if it was simply because it was a nice day, or because it was the morning immediately following a Chicago Pinball Mafia event. Whatever the reason, sometimes pictures simply tell the story better than words ever could.

Enjoy... :)

Yancy decides to level the cannon, once and for all!

"I have disability insurance"

True feelings expressed!

"We could just attach the dolly to the tow hitch..."

"Don't worry, this lock will keep them from stealing it off the truck."

Only Wolffy would put pinball parts in a Bath and Body Works bag!

MMmmmmm, free head!

Do not truck from this side.


Korn's solution to impending ass crack

This is what happens when you leave the room for a while and your jackass friends reassemble your games: