Cliffy strikes again!
By TheKorn

So right around October 2003, I had a "brand K" protector installed in my CFTBL. And don't get me wrong, it looked all right and prevented a lot of unnecessary wear on my game.

The "Brand K" protector installed.

After looking at the wear on the protector itself (how I managed to put on 280 games in three months is an entirely different affair), it's no wonder these holes get blown out on location! So the "Brand K" protector did its job; it took the wear instead of the playfield.

But something was missing. After Cliffy showed me his new "pro" style Monster Bash protector, I brow-beat Cliffy (ok, I admit it, I begged him! :) ) to go back and re-do his CFTBL protector in the new style.

He did. It looks awesome!

Cliffy's CFTBL "pro" protector from the top.

Another shot from the top.

And from the ball's perspective, we have...

Note that I decided to leave the one screw off of the post because if it isn't obvious, the snack bar plastic that I have is pretty knackered. I'll get around to putting on the replacement one of these decades. :)

The play between the Cliffy "pro" and the "Brand K" is slightly different. I noticed that with the "brand K" installed, that all of a sudden a lot of balls that absolutely drilled the snack bar would inexplicably bounce out. While this still happens with the Cliffy "pro" protector, it happens less often which is... nice! And while some people are worried about the effect on low speed balls, the snack bar hole is so close on CFTBL that if it's going at anything less than warp speed when it hits the hole you need to rebuild your flippers. So IMHO this is really a non-issue; either the ball is going to be blasted up there or it's not going up there at all.

If you're looking at which one to buy, I'd say follow your gut feeling. They both work to protect wear. But if you give me the choice between the two, I'd rather have the Cliffy "pro" protector. The better bounce-out behavior combined with the sharp look when installed really does it for me!

Oh yes, before everyone deluges Cliffy with requests (sh'yeah, riiiiiight), Cliffy wanted me to tell folks that this is a beta protector. (How exactly one beta tests something that isn't software is beyond me, but I figured I wouldn't ask. :) ) The upshot is that the new "pro" style isn't going to be available in quantity for a while (and isn't even on his website yet!), so be patient.

Want to check out Cliffy's page to see if he put it on yet? You know you do. Click here!!

Ah, screw Cliffy. I want to see what else ya got here.